Buddhism May be the Fillet of Religions… Part II

by F.

Looks like I’m not the only one who both (a) admires the Dalai Lama personally and and yet (b) thinks he is radically, radically wrong about some pretty obviously right ideas. Like, say, evolution. DOH!

OK, maybe I was a little harsh before in calling Buddhism bullshit. A little. I mean, there is a lot in Buddhism that is at least not-inconsistent with current scientific approaches to the brain, unlike the other, bargain-basement religions like Christianity.

A less harsh (and more intelligent) critique than mine can be found on the always excellent Mind Blog:

The Dali Lama deserves great credit for his efforts to integrate the insights of modern science and spiritual traditions, and he deals with this in his recent book, “The Universe in a Single Atom.” However, I really don’t think some of his critiques of the evolutionary theory and the limitations of science and materialism get it quite right….

Check out the entire (short) review of The Universe in a Single Atom here.