How to Be Rude to People Smarter than You

by F.

Robert Wright has a series of videos in which he demonstrates how to be rude to your intellectual superiors. It’s a magisterial set of lessons. The persona Wright seems to have adopted is The Insecure But Arrogant Graduate Student. This is must-see material for the aspiring arrogant intellectual.

  • Lesson 1 is called “I don’t understand Epiphenomenalism” and features Dan Dennett.
  • Lesson 2 is called “I Have my own theories about Evolution” and features E.O. Wilson.
  • Lesson 3 is called “Asking about the Interviewee’s Hair” and features Steve Pinker.

Advanced students may want to move on to the other lessons collected here. Key skills to be learned include (a) talking over the interviewee, (b) not letting the interviewee answer, and (c) pretending to be a professor. Watch and learn.