Time to Invest in Apple Juice Futures

by F.

Science Daily summarizes some research to be published in The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Here’s the money quote:

Earlier studies by Shea’s research team had strongly suggested apples must possess a unique mix of antioxidants that improve cognition and memory via inhibition of oxidation in the brain. Those results encouraged Shea to evaluate the neurotransmitter effect, as is done in the current study. Medications given to humans with Alzheimer’s disease have been shown to inhibit the production of specific enyzmes (cholinesterase inhibitors) that break down acetylcholine in the brain. The end result in the animal study is similar — there are more of these critical messengers remaining in the brain to enhance memory.

Pardon me while I go to get some Tree Top. But how much? A couple glasses, it seems:

The results obtained were from the animals consuming moderate amounts of apple juice –comparable to drinking approximately two 8 oz. glasses of apple juice or eating 2-3 apples a day. The findings also suggest that the apple-supplemented diet was most helpful in the framework of an overall healthy diet.