Yet another Sargent Study

by F.

Yes, I do seem to be slightly obsessed with studying J.S. Sargent, as a peak at my Flickr badge will show. I can only say he’s my favorite draughtsman, and studying one of his drawings for a few hours is an education. His charcoals and graphite drawings are wicked cool. I can’t say much more, because writing about drawing is, to borrow a phrase from Zappa, pretty much like dancing about architecture.

This hasn’t stopped me from reading Mount’s biography of Sargent, which is excellent. Mount sure hates Henry James though. Wow. Every time James comes on the scene, Mount takes a swipe at him—his “maze of words,” his dandyish clothes, his insensitivity. But in any event, here’s the last study I did. Finished it last night. Below it is the original.