The Full Shyamalan

by F.

Yeah, the guys at HTWS.B. make me laugh.

You’ve heard about the Act III twist, but here’s how to do it right and completely broadside the audience: “Didn’t see that coming, did you Gladys? HOOBOY! That was a humdinger of an ending!”

As a writer, your ultimate goal should be to send your audience reeling and stumbling from the theater, so thunderstruck by your brilliance that they don’t even realize they’ve wandered into the path of an oncoming semi. This means that whether you’re writing a sleazy crime story about duplicitous bank robbers or a cheery animated fable about Unicorns doing Unicorny shit, your script must have a twist ending.

Coming up with a corker of an ending is the easy part. The problem is that audiences have become savvy to many of Hollywood’s most reliable twists and turns. They know the villain isn’t really dead, the boyfriend is actually the serial killer, and Vin Diesel isn’t really allergic to shellfish. (Remember in the beginning of the movie, that part where Vin talked about going to acting school? Remember that part? He’s actually an actor! C’mon, weren’t you paying attention? Christ.)

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