The Colonel?

by F.

While copying a drawing by Sargent, I notice a very subtle similarity between the subject depicted and the world famous restauranteur Harland David Sanders, better know as Colonel Sanders. Here’s my copy:


And here’s a pic of the Colonel:


Sure, he has glasses and his hair’s a little longer in the photo. But it’s clearly the same guy. And now here’s the shocker: when the Colonel sat for Sargent he was only twenty-one years old! How do I know? By the date on the Sargent drawing: 1911. Check it:


As you can see, the drawing is dated 1911. There’s also a bogus dedication to his “friend” (nudge nudge, wink wink, knowwhatamean?) “Henry L. Higginson” or “Higginslop” or “Higgindick” or something like that. Since we all know the Colonel was born in 1890 (remember the centennial of his birth?), he is only twenty one in that drawing. I too was amazed.

The moral? Chicken causes premature aging. If someone offers you a McNugget, remember: they probably don’t have your welfare at heart.