Watch Physics Become Incoherent Before your Eyes

by F.


It’s fun to be confused, especially with Flash (the link is in the quote):

“If you are a new visitor, start out by clicking on ‘Imagining the Ten Dimensions‘ in the Navigation section: you will see a set of animations, with narration and sound effects, which take you from the first to the tenth dimension. We would suggest watching them in order from zero to ten the first time… but hey, you’re a creature with free will, so do whatever you’d like. The ideas in this animation come from chapter one of a new science/philosophy book called “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”.

Caveat by the author of the book and site:

“The theory of reality that I advance on this website and in the book ‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’ is not the one that is commonly accepted by today’s physicists.”

Tell all your aging hippy friends to put down their pet ferrets, load a bowl, and groove on this trip to ultimate reality. It’s, like, mathematical and shit!

Weed + Star Trek = Really Bad Metaphysics. “See, it’s like, we’re that ant, on the Mobinus strip, and we’re, like, walking around and around and around and then we come back to where we are. You know? Fuckin’ awesome.”