Controlling Emotion

by F.

According to what looks like a press release posted at CogNews,

Researchers have now discovered that the brain is able to prevent emotions from interfering with mental functioning by having a specific “executive processing” area of the cortex inhibit activity of the emotion-processing region.


As the researchers scanned the subjects’ brains with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), they presented the subjects with a series of…images designed to reveal what parts of the brain were active during…conflict resolution. The technique of fMRI involves using harmless magnetic fields and radio waves to measure blood flow in brain regions, which reflects brain activity. Etkin, Hirsch, and colleagues found that the emotional stimuli activated the amygdala as expected. Importantly, they found that when presented with the “incongruent” images this activity was inhibited by specific activation of the “rostral ACC” in a manner that indicated this region was exerting inhibitory control over the amygdala.

Fucking uppity amygdala. The bastard’s always trying to get control. You go, rostral AAC. Don’t you back down. Uh-uh. You kick his ass.