by F.

Which grad program has the most cheaters? Law you say? Hell no. Business:

56 percent of graduate business students admitted to cheating in the past year, with many saying they cheated because they believed it was an accepted practice in business.

The lead author of the paper reporting these results is Donald McCabe, professor of management and global business at New Jersey’s Rutgers University. Why all this cheating, Mr. McCabe?

“The typical comment is that what’s important is getting the job done. How you get it done is less important,” McCabe said. “You’ll have business students saying all I’m doing is emulating the behavior I’ll need when I get out in the real world.”

True that. Lest you feel sanctimonious, here are the other cheater percentages:

  • Engineering: 54%
  • Physical Science: 50%
  • Med/Health Care: 49%
  • Law: 45%
  • Liberal Arts: 43%
  • Social Science/Humanities: 39%

McCabe notes that “it’s likely that more students cheat than admit to it,” which suggests these numbers are low.

Story from Reuters.