Muppets on Acid

by F.

I was still an adolescent when Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani floated into the mainstream. The first time I heard Cliff’s of Dover I saw God, or at least the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I haven’t kept up on the hottest fusion/jazz/rock guitarists, but recently a friend pointed me to Shawn Lane. He’s a demon, for sure, and in searching for some of his music, I came across Dave Martone.


Check out Code Red at the iTunes store or listen to it here (sans solo). It’s the Muppets on acid. This is cognitive candy—the aural equivalent of drinking 50 Red Bulls through a beer bong. More tasty tidbits here.

This one-click thing is dangerous, though. Ooooh boy. When I buy stuff on iTunes, I feel like a hamster in a lab experiment: hit the lever, get a treat. Hit the lever, get a treat. Lever, treat. Lever, treat. Mmmmm…Muppets on acid. More! More! More!