Best SW Food in Seattle?

by F.

The best southwest-style food in Seattle is actually in Bellingham: Pepper Sisters. We found this place on the way back from Whistler a few years ago and each time we drive past Bellingham, we try to eat there. It is so, so, so good.

Yesterday, we had their pulled pork and posole stew and blue corn chile rellenos. And with dinner came two sopapillas with whipped butter. That’s what I’m talking about! They have the usual excellent Northwest selection of microbrews on tap, too. I haven’t had southwestern food that good since I was actually in New Mexico.

I’ve only been down there once, but the food is amazing. Everywhere you go, it’s amazing. Even the chain restaurants have good food. The chain supermarkets have the thickest tortillas you’ve ever seen—the thickness of a cloth diaper. I mean, we were staying in some mid-tier hotel and the restaurant in the lobby had the most mouth watering green-chile salsa I’d ever had. Since I’m allergic to green chiles, I of course got a rash. (I was eating green chiles at every meal.) Worth it? Hell yeah.

In Seattle proper we have the creatively named Sante Fe Cafe. It’s fine. Well, better than fine. But the dishes lack variety. You get the same two sauces on every goddamned thing. And there’s so much sauce you don’t know what you ordered. Did I get the huevos rancheros? Or the enchilladas? Oh well. Looks the same. Fortunately, this lack of variety is made up for with quantity. Wear your elastic-wasteband slacks.