Diet Cookie Dough Breakfast

by F.

Most children quickly learn that the dough is better than the cookie. All the flavor-licious goodness somehow gets cooked out, kind of like with vegetables (I guess—I don’t eat them so I don’t know). Here is a recipe for a breakfast treat: it’s a more-or-less non-fat, high protein, reasonable calorie, low sugar way to get the benefits of cookie dough for breakfast without the costs. I pretty much eat this every day, with some variation in the type of yogurt and kind of oatmeal (sometimes I use uncooked oat bran).


  • 2 scoops/37 grams of Vanilla MetRx Protein Plus
  • 52 grams rolled oats
  • 110 grams nonfat yogurt

Put all this goodness into a reasonably large bowl, mix, and eat. It tastes, at least to me, just like cookie dough. But what about the nutrition data? It’s something like this:

  • The MetRx is 140 cals with 30 grams protein
  • The oats is 200 cals with 8 grams protein
  • The yogurt is 90 cals with 4.5 grams protein

This totals to

  • 430 calories and
  • 42.5 grams protein.

Not bad. I use organic rolled oats—the thick kind. Nutrition info is here, more or less (there’s probably small variation from type to type, but who cares). I use Trader Joe’s French Village Nonfat Yogurt (Vanilla), or Wallaby organic yogurt, which is better, I think. If your brain needs more sugar in the morning, you can add a couple teaspoons for more kick.