Brain Fitness

by F.

This new blog seems to be OK though I haven’t explored it much.

Of course, much like any fitness trend, there is much potential for charlatanry in this area. Remember those “brain enhancing” devices that used to be advertised in the SkyMall catalogue? A pair of headphones and some goggles with blinking lights. I recall a testimonial from Charlie Sheen saying he found such a device invaluable. And Charlie Sheen is a well known to be…something. I see SkyMall has a new improved version of such a device.

It’s funny, because fitness, diet, and mind-enhancing schemes have been around for ever. They are just part of human culture, it seems. If you go back 100 years, you’ll find the same wine in different bottles, particularly with fitness. Indian clubs anyone?

The blog is called SharpBrains. If you become a Nobel-prize winner using any of their schemes, let me know.