The Hidden Productivity Secret

by F.

It’s called a Macintosh. From Robert Scoble’s blog:

I walked around a company, Soasta, today that had nothing but Macintoshes for all of its developers — all used to develop testing systems that’ll run in Web browsers. And this was a startup aimed at Enterprises. Folks who build systems for For Oracle. Etc.

The company was full of people who used to do .NET programming (one of whom used to work for Dan Appleman, the guy who wrote the API book for Visual Basic).

This should freak Microsoft out.

Why are they using non-Microsoft tools? One, by using a Mac for development systems they can run Linux, Windows, and OSX on a single box. That saves them money and administration time (they use Paralells for running these different OS’s virtually).

But the Executive Chairman, Ken Gardner, saw that he was more productive when he switched from a Windows machine to a Mac. He also noticed he was more productive when he worked on a 30-inch screen.

The rest.