Woof means Woof

by F.

Poor Michael Patrick McPhail. He looks like a normal guy. But no:

McPhail’s wife told investigators that she found her husband on their back porch Wednesday night having intercourse with their 4-year-old female pit bull terrier, the Pierce County sheriff’s office report said. The dog was squealing and crying….

I’ll bet it was. Woof means woof, dude. Jesus fucking Christ. There’s something about this state brings out the animalfuckers. Like that dude in Enumclaw:

On July 2, a 45-year-old Seattle man died from something called acute peritonitis. His colon was perforated while he was having sex with a horse.

The man…was traced back to a 40-acre farm where investigators found hundreds of hours of videotape depicting men, including the one who died, having sex with horses. He had bought the stallion earlier this year. His family told a reporter they were surprised at the purchase.

And now… I need to think about something else…. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Butterflies and daisies and bunny rabbits and—ewwwwwww….