Hamster Violence

by F.

As a long-time user and fan of Fluoxetine, I was shocked to learn that the drug may make hamsters more violent. The shocking truth:

A new study indicates adolescent hamsters become more aggressive after receiving low doses of fluoxetine, the generic name for Prozac. Researchers say the findings could shed light on reported increases in aggression among young people who take antidepressants.

Adult hamsters were calmed significantly by both high and low doses of fluoxetine. However, adolescent hamsters were only partially calmed by high doses of the drug. Low doses, on the other hand, actually made the adolescents more aggressive: these hamsters mounted more prolonged, more frequent, and more intense attacks on their intruders.

This increased aggressiveness is “completely contrary to what you would imagine,” said Kereshmeh Taravosh-Lahn, a doctoral student in the behavioral sciences at the University of Texis at Austin and the study’s lead author.

Seed has the scoop including a clip of hamsters fighting. It’s not pretty.

The take away is clear: don’t give your Prozac to your adolescent hamster, no matter how much he or she begs for it. If they wont give up, paint an alfalfa pellet half-white, half-aquamarine, like a Prozac capsule, and toss it into the cage.