16 Parts of a Good Day

by F.

What makes a good day? Maybe a few of these things, in no particular order:

  1. You learn something new.
  2. You communicate with someone.
  3. You laugh.
  4. You feel your brain have an insight.
  5. You have a good problem to work on.
  6. You have a couple more good problems coming up.
  7. You feel harmony with your mate.
  8. You acknowledge chance.
  9. You are surprised.
  10. You notice the many kinds of life around, on and in you.
  11. You are excited about the future.
  12. You have forgotten your self.
  13. You think you can probably do it or adapt to it, whatever it is.
  14. You acknowledge but are not focused on the past.
  15. You make something cool.
  16. You do the right thing, even if no one knows about it.