Recently Netted Flix

by F.

Some films we’ve recently watched:

  • Rules of the Game. This is a 1939 movie by Jean Renoir that is considered a “masterpiece.” Is it? Pretty much. It’s really good. Very Moliere-esque, I would say. I wouldn’t have concluded this had I not recently read Tartuffe.
  • Safe. This is Todd Haynes “breakthrough piece.” Piece of shit, more like. Julianne Moore plays a dull housewife in the Valley, married to some rich dork. She decides she has some sort of “environmental sickness” and, even though the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her, she heads off to some freaky “treatment center” (read: cult) in the desert. She cuts herself off more and more from the world until she is living in an isolation chamber. Now she’s “safe.” Get it? That’s the title—safe. Wow. And this idea that a rich suburbanite who seems to have it all actually doesn’t? That’s really phresh, too. Make this one into croutons because it is just totally stale.
  • Shock Corridor. This is 1963 Sam Fuller B-Movie that various savants raved about, including Truffaut. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I was out after the scene with the “nymphos:” a guy gets attacked by 8 semi-attractive women and he resists. Yeah. Right.
  • La Strada. Ah Fellini. I like 8 1/2 and Nights of Cabiria but this one just fell flat. Too much dubbing. Richard Basehart is just odd in this role. Enough with the clowns, muhfucker!
  • The Departed. This movie is awesome. Best Scorsese movie since Casino (I love James Woods) or maybe Goodfellas. The soundtrack is fantastic, particularly “I’m Shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, which I recently got on iTunes. (Sadly, the remainder of the Dropkick Muprhy’s oeuvre is pretty lame, as far as I can hear.) That pretty much sets the tone for the movie, I thought. I love this whole Irish underworld thing. This is a must see. Wonderfully labyrinthine, Hong-Kong plot. Lots of exploding head, though. Don’t plan on eating spaghetti with red sauce afterward.