Remnick Interviews Obama

by F.

Reading this interview, it’s quite clear why people think Obama should be President. He’s not just the same old politician, spouting the same old cliches in order to say precisely nothing:

What I feel is that the budget process in particular is so undisciplined, and so opaque, that it is very difficult for any senator to know what you’re voting on when it comes to budgetary matters at any given time. You’ve got this big monster bill. And those who control that process are able to slip in and massage and work on whatever they want. So I worked with an unlikely partner, Republican Tom Coburn, to set up a Google for government, that requires all federal spending over twenty-five thousand dollars to be on the Internet. Even making that a more effective database, it can be helpful to the reporters of some of the magazines in this room, and yet it is still not how you would want a budget to work. And it provides enormous opportunities for mischief.

That sounds like—like a human being. Like some you know. Someone you might actually talk to.

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