The Triple Bottom Line

by F.

The Triple Bottom Line, by Andy Savitz and Karl Weber, is a wonderful book. For those of us who (a) like markets and yet (b) also believe there is more to human welfare than just dollars and cents, it suggests we may be able to have our cake and eat it, too. I hope so. In any event, buy some copies of this book and hand them out to friends over the holidays.

The book’s website is here. Buy it here at Amazon. If you go to Amazon, you’ll see that some some shirtbird benighted soul gave the book one star. This is the minority view, as far as I can see (and Karl Weber’s response on Amazon is right—the “reviewer” doesn’t seem to be criticizing the book but rather a straw man). I’d put more stock in the FT’s review:

Even if you do not agree with it all, this is a thoughtful guide for managers who still harbour doubts about the point of sustainability, who are taking tentative steps towards it or who are seeking a clearer path through the maze. With luck, it should also help the anoraks in the sustainability industry to distinguish the wood from the trees.

More blurbs are on the book’s website.