The Game of Three Hypotheses

by F.

Grasshopper was faced with a puzzle. “Master, Why is Dan Brown so popular?” Master Po did not answer at first, but then he taught Grasshopper the Game of Three Hypothesis.

“You must ask,” Master Po said, ” three noble questions and generate three noble hypotheses for such a puzzle.” At first Grasshopper did not understand. But then a spark flashed in the night and he saw. Master Po’s wisdom was strong:

  • First question: Is this a simple fact I can look up?

If no, then,

  • Second question: What are 3 hypotheses that would explain the puzzle?

State them. One. Two. Three. Consider them well. Now,

  • Third question: Which is most likely and why?

“In this way,” Master Po said, “you can see that it is only you—there is no need to turn your head and move your brain! A thief steals in the night, not in the day. Among the heavens and the earth, Grasshopper, all enlightened beings play the Game of Three Hypotheses.” “But Master,” said Grasshopper, “I do not understand.” “This must be well considered,” the Master said, and walked away.