30 Most Searched Artists

by F.

Which visual artists do folks want to know about? According to Artcyclopedia, the following, in order:

1 Pablo Picasso
2 Vincent van Gogh
3 Leonardo da Vinci
4 Claude Monet
5 Salvador Dali
6 Henri Matisse
7 Rembrandt
8 Andy Warhol
9 Georgia O’Keeffe
10 Paul Cezanne
11 Peter Paul Rubens
12 Wassily Kandinsky
13 Raphael
14 Gustav Klimt
15 Paul Klee
16 Paul Gauguin
17 Michelangelo
18 Albrecht Durer
19 Pierre-Auguste Renoir
20 Amedeo Modigliani
21 Marc Chagall
22 Jackson Pollock
23 Titian
24 Edgar Degas
25 Edouard Manet
26 Goya
27 Caravaggio
28 Joan Miro
29 Frida Kahlo
30 Rene Magritte

The methodology? “In order to eliminate any kind of selection bias due to search engine ranking, external links, etc., we only count internal links from our own search box and our artist listings” This shouldn’t be taken very seriously, of course, as Artcyclopedia notes. But it’s interesting that there are no huge surprises.

Artcyclopedia also has a list of most popular posters, ranked by sales—again, the numbers are fuzzy, but worth a look. You’ll find some surprises there. For instance, Dancing Bears? Huh? Is that by the guy who did the picture of the dogs playing poker?

At one time—when I was in college—I thought it was possible to get a poster of just about any artwork (How naive was I?) A few searches through catalogues later, I learned that there were not that many good reproductions out there, which sucked. This was before the digital revolution, of course.

Hopefully, now that many museums are putting their work on-line (see, e.g., the MFA Boston) we’ll be able to create our own posters, using Kinkos as the printer. Artwork is too valuable to be hidden in museums. Why not charge $1.00 per download or partner with a printing service (such as Kinkos) to get more posters and reproductions into homes? The penury of posters is preposterous! Maybe when the walls of our homes are LCD displays we won’t even need paper.