Hell Houses

by F.

This is fucked up. In October, reports The Economist, “hundreds of churches around America hosted their own horror shows, to rival Halloween.” These things are called “hell houses.”

In “hell houses”, sometimes known as “judgment” or “reality houses”, young actors depict the consequences of drinking, partying or being gay. Women who are casual about sex might reconsider once they see how it leads to a bloody late-term abortion, for example.

The idea is credited to the Rev Jerry Falwell, who first staged a hell house in 1972. Liberty University, the college he founded in Lynchburg, Virginia, produces a sophisticated annual event called Scaremare. This year’s theme was “The DaScaremi Code.” Thousands waited in line for hours to attend. A few teenagers whiled away the time by discussing the metaphysics of the Trinity.

More details here. See: religion isn’t all bad.

And if you want to get started with your own Hell House, you can buy the starter kit here from the New Destiny Christian Center:

Several years ago, the world watched, and the media was shocked as a church began to take an uncompromising stand on the red-hot issues facing our culture today!

Piece by piece, prop by prop, costume by costume – the master plan is organized in a comprehensive manual. A video of what Hell House in action looks like and a special-effects compact disc audio master are also included. This sizzling evangelism event is designed to capture the attention of our sight and sound culture!