Econ Journalists Discuss Their Role

by F.

From Radio Economics:

On October 3, 2006, five national journalists were on the Dartmouth College campus to discuss their work in covering economic and business news. The panel discussed how economic and public policy issues are covered by the media, the public’s understanding of these issues, and how these issues are likely to influence elections in the coming years. Panelists also described factors that impact the media’s role in reporting these issues. Journalists also discussed new methods of communication and their impact on the future of traditional media in our rapidly changing environment influenced by technology. The initial order of appearance was: Moderator Andrew Samwick, Director, Rockefeller Center; Peter Coy, Business Week; Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal; Steve Liesman, CNBC; Eduardo Porter, The New York Times; and Andrew Serwer, Fortune Magazine.

The talk is 1:30 or so and can be found here.