by F.

Last night we returned from Kenya via Amsterdam. Now we are recovering from the time-change and the 20-hour plane ride. (Note to the woman in front of us who kept farting: we hate you). Returning from any vacation is strange; returning from Africa is bizarre. Some of thoughts that are bouncing around my head include the following

  • There is nothing more beautiful than the natural world. In comparison, the works of man—even the most exalted—are banal. It’s too bad we are destroying the creation. Hopefully, humanity will delay destroying it fully until I am dead. I really don’t want to witness its disappearance.
  • I can’t imagine any place more beautiful than Kenya. Wonderful people, stunning places, remarkable animals, and good food.
  • Africans are shockingly beautiful.
  • Human beings are strange animals.
  • Nature is absolutely brutal. One night we were woken up by the sound of a cape buffalo being eaten alive by hyenas. Let’s just say it was disturbing.
  • There are remarkable similarities between the developing and the developed world. Human culture is human culture. We are ingenious, sloppy, and wasteful wherever we are.
  • People are so similar all over the world.
  • Elephants are much more interesting than you would imagine.
  • The American lifestyle is both unstustainable and embarrassing given how little most people in the world live with.
  • Cats are cats, whether felis silvestris catus (domestic kitty) or panthera leo (lion). Watching lions play reminded me of our domestic house cat.
  • Flying first-class is awesome. Especially when you don’t have to pay for it.

Back to sleep now.