Tech.View has had too much Eggnog

by F.

The Economist has an online column called Tech.View which appears to be only a couple months old. But already Tech.View has jumped the shark. Witness the recent review of Vista:

Windows may squander computing power through its clumsy architecture. But by favouring simplicity of use over simplicity of design, Microsoft has been able to leverage cheap but powerful commodity hardware, to provide cost-effective software solutions. These may be complex in design—and full of bugs to boot—but, boy, are they easy to use and maintain.

Simplicity? Easy to use and maintain? Am I living in a parallel universe?I guess if you don’t count all the service packs, the security patches (patch Tuesday—woo hoo!), and the WHQL driver hell many users face, and much else, then, yeah, it’s easy to maintain. But Tech.View doesn’t stop with these fatuities:

That’s a winning formula in anyone’s book, and the reason why Windows rightly rules the world.

Yeah, that’s the reason. It’s not the monopoly or anything. Microsoft competes on quality, no doubt about it. Bottoms up!