The FT on Tech Trends for 07

by F.

The FT editors point to three trends they think will pick up speed in 2007: user generated content, virtual worlds, and time/place shifting TV. Or, in their words:

One is the convergence of user-generated and professional “content” on the internet. Sites such as MySpace and YouTube are bidding to become distribution arms for traditional media – to sell digital music to their burgeoning audiences, for instance, or to showcase television shows… “User-generated content mashed together with professional content will be rampant next year….”

A second convergence that could provide fertile ground for the next user-generated internet craze is the one that is starting to bring together the worlds of web-browsing and video games. The result: virtual worlds such as Second Life, where users are represented by fictional characters or avatars….

A third form of convergence that could help determine the winners from the next phase of the web’s evolution is that of the internet and the TV. Until now, the internet has got along just fine without the TV set and YouTube proved this year that video, at least in short form, can thrive on the personal computer. As traditional media content and video game-style graphics come to play a bigger part in the web experience, though, access to a TV screen could become key. Also, the technical means to bring internet-delivered media into the living room could soon be at hand….

No huge surprises.