On Not Wanting to Vote for Hillary

by F.

Obama, it seems, will run, and I hope he gets the nomination. If he doesn’t, I may be forced to vote Republican, depending on which Republican nutcase gets the GOP nomination. I really don’t want Hillary:

Unlike Mr Obama, who freely admitted in an earlier book to having taken marijuana and cocaine in his youth, Mrs Clinton has based her political career on systematic caution, always consulting as widely as possible before articulating highly calibrated policy announcements. Democratic consultants say that Mrs Clinton’s biggest challenge will be to overcome the hostility of the party’s activist base to the fact that she overtly supported – and voted for – Mr Bush’s war in Iraq.

That’s from today’s FT. In short, Hillary is just another politician, though of a different gender. Obama at least gives the appearance of being different. If he can get get Rubinomics going again in the party, rather than being cowed by the anti-market loonies (“Globalization is destroying our way of life! Increase the tariffs!”) this could be a good thing. The signal the US would send to the rest of the world by having a black president would be wonderful, and may help sew up some of the rents in the US’s reputation caused by “the decider in chief.”