On Wilson’s Gambit

by F.

E.O. Wilson wrote The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth (highly recommended for Wilson fanboys like myself) in a pragmatic effort to unite scientists and religious folk. His goal is to save the biosphere—a bigger problem than just global warming, though that is part of it. And it seems to be working:

Laying down their swords over how we came to exist, leaders from scientific and evangelical communities in the US joined forces today in an unprecedented effort to protect what we have.

Speaking at a press conference in Washington DC, members of the newly formed group expressed concerns about planetary threats caused by humans including climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and species extinction.

The group issued an “urgent call to action” signed by 28 coalition members including university professors, federal biologists, directors of conservation organisations, seminary officials, evangelical organisation leaders, and “megachurch” pastors.

The statement, sent to President George W Bush and Congressional leaders urges fundamental change in public policies and states that “business as usual cannot continue yet one more day”.

The group was spearheaded by leaders of Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment in Boston, Massachusetts, and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), an umbrella group that encompasses 45,000 churches, and represents 40% of the Republican Party’s supporters. Members from both organisations called for a united front on environmental issues.

From New Scientist. Pragmatism kicks ass.