On Studio 60

by F.

My wife and I have started watching television in a new way: from a Mac. We put the machine on a little stand, download the shows we want to watch, and sit on the couch. I think this is the future: space shifting as well as time shifting. (I’m hardly alone in concluding this.) Of course, watching TV on a computer wouldn’t be as fun without iTunes, which is wonderfully easy to use.

Is it expensive to buy shows a la carte? Not really. We don’t watch enough TV anyway to justify a full-blown cable or dish set up. Plus, the cable and dish products are, I think, stupidly designed. You get a bunch of what you don’t want rather than just getting the shows or movies you do. Sort of like albums in the old days, before the iPod, or a book club.

Anyway, one show we’ve started watching is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I’ve never liked The West Wing, but I could appreciate why people did like it. It’s good drama. The thing I don’t like about Sorkin’s writing is that it is theatrical—overly dramatic—which takes it toll on the realism of the works, in my view. Of course, the benefit is that the works really move dramatically. The viewer is rarely bored. I’m happy to say that Studio 60 has all the dramatic impetus of The West Wing with less dramaturgical viagra. It’s really good show, so far. Not as good as The Wire, but the closest thing I’ve found recently.