Dreamgirls v. Batman

by F.

We saw Dreamgirls last week and I can’t say I found it very entertaining. It is good, no question, and one of those girls can really sing. And Beyonce is gorgeous. But I find it hard to relate to characters who, faced with some obstacle in their lives, burst into song. Or characters who, when trying to convince someone not to leave them, begin to look and sound like Aretha Franklin. I think you either have to be a girl or highly gay to enjoy this kind of thing. In this, it’s a little like Batman or X-men: it’s a cartoon. It’s just not a boy cartoon. It’s a girl cartoon. It could just as easily been about unicorns. So, rather than a Manichean struggle between light and darkness, it’s about following your dream and being a star, adored by everyone. I don’t like cartoons, whether it’s Batman or Hell Boy or Alan Moore or whatever. Too simplistic. Real life is far more interesting than that, as far as I can see.