by F.

On Saturdays, we often stop by the pound just to visit the cats. Last weekend, we did this and came home with one, who is provisionally named “NewCat:”

Sam 0106 400X268.Shkl

She’s a 5 year old mutt, but seems to be a tortie-point Siamese. Her tortie-ness is visible in her points, and she has the Siamese meow. Now, what’s funny about NewCat is that both my wife and I think she’s extremely cute. She has powder blue eyes, is very vocal, and in tremendously affectionate. But we wondered, Have we lost our taste in cats?

Both of us are by now somewhat turned off by purebreds. We’ve had a Himalayan and a Maine Coon that were both almost pure. But there’s something weird about purebreds: they’re not wild looking enough. They are like those funny goldfish with the huge flappy fins that seem to have been bred for this one, odd, evolution-defying property.

By now, both of us want animals that look like animals. When were were in Kenya, we stayed at a lodge that had a cat who looked a lot like NewCat. He was a male, and quite a bit bigger than NewCat. He also had a lot of scars and was missing an eye. Obviously, life in the Masai Mara is probably substantially harder than life in, say, Beverly Hills (where my Himalayan came from).

So, to us, NewCat looked sufficiently cat-like to warrant adoption. She also seemed to have the right personality. But what should we name her? Since our other cat has a Bengali name, we thought this time we’d give NewCat an African name. We’re considering:

  • Tamu
  • Juba
  • Ulu
  • Ratiba
  • Qwara
  • Oni
  • Nadifa
  • Nande
  • Ntatu
  • Nneka
  • Meeka
  • Kinah
  • Chiku
  • Bisa
  • Aisha
  • Kanika

My top three are:

  • Tamu
  • Juba
  • Ulu

And of those, I like Ulu. But I actually like all of these.