by F.

Linked goes on my all-time pop-sci favorites list, along with The Wisdom of Crowds, Consilience, and Biophilia. This book kicks ass.

Basically, it supersets The Tipping Point and The Long Tail, and is written by a real scientist rather than a journalist. When the actual discoverer of something writes a book about it, as with Descartes’ Error, you get something more than just a bunch of cool ideas—you get a discovery story. Real drama: “somebody wants something badly and is having trouble getting it”—in this case, the something is to confirm the hypothesis or discover a pattern. That just adds so much, I think. Anyway, Linked is wicked good. You’ll see these scale-free networks everywhere after reading this (probably in places where they aren’t).

This book just has no flaws (other than maybe that discussion of the Bose-Einstein condensate, but I don’t have the knowledge to question Barabasi’s presentation of that).

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