Too Many Tiggers

by F.

Andy Grove once said that “Shit rolls uphill,” meaning that incompetent people tend to get promoted. This principle may partly explain the results of a survey by CFO Europe:

There are two types of person: gloomy Eeyores and bouncy Tiggers. If the results of a new survey for CFO Europe magazine are to be believed, many chief financial officers cast themselves in the role of Eeyore working for -Tigger. Only five per cent of CFOs regard themselves as more optimistic than their chief executive officers, while almost half are more pessimistic.

Why? Some of the explanations that CFOs offer are misery itself. “CEO is a moron.” “CEO lacks strategic imagination or long-term vision; substitutes hope and blind optimism.” Evidently, for some CFOs, the boss is the sort of person who will grab the tartar sauce before leaping into a tank of piranhas.

No suprises. This is from the FT.