iMainGo and other Goodies

by F.

We don’t have many iPod accessories, but the other day—whether it was the rain or what—we found ourselves at the Mac Store buying goodies. $300 later, we walked out with two very cool products, one of which was the iMainGo speaker case. This is a battery powered case for your iPod that has some pretty nice speakers. I love this thing. When I’m working out in the gym, I stick my iPod into it and listen to podcasts. It’s particularly good with the human voice: it feels like someone is talking to you (partly because the stream of sound comes from a point, rather than being dispersed around the room). Very cool.

The other product was these Bose over-ear headphones. I have to admit I’m a bit of a headphone whore. I have, at last count, four pair of fairly high-end headphones: one pair of JVC noise-cancelling ones, a pair of Sony digital ones, some Sennheisers (which suck), and a pair of cheap Sony ones. But after getting these, the rest are going to Goodwill (other than maybe the JVCs). We did a blind sound-test and the Bose blew all the others away. Plus they are extremely comfortable.

Why am I such a whore for headphones? Dunno. My first headphone experience came when I was maybe four or five years old (I was at least three years old, for sure). While visiting some family friends, I separated from the rest of the family (as I usually did), located a “hi-fi” in the living room, and listened to “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” about 1,000 times in succession on some gigantic headphones. (This was the 70s). I believe the recording was on an 8-track. I couldn’t believe how cool it was to have music in my head! My enthusiasm remains, 36 years later.