Shaking your Eyes

by F.

In one of my favorite animated movies, The Big Snit, one of the characters (the man) chastises the other (the woman) for “always shaking your eyes—shaking your eyes here, shaking your eyes there.” In response to his hectoring, she bursts into tears.

It turns out shaking your eyes may actually be a good thing. It helps you remember:

Moving your eyes from side to side can help improve the accuracy of your memory. That’s according to psychologists Andrew Parker and Neil Dagnall, who say the beneficial effect could be related to sideways eye movements increasing interactive neural activity across the front of the two brain hemispheres….

“Bilateral eye movements appear to enhance true memory and decrease the extent to which subjects rely or make use of gist based false memory”, the researchers said. These findings for recognition memory build on earlier work showing sideways eye movements improve the accuracy of recall.

More here. As an eye wiggler—perhaps even an eye-shaker—I feel fully vindicated.