On Honeywell

by F.

We have an F300 Honeywell filter on our HVAC system at home. It’s worked great for a few years, but lately I noticed a strange buzzing sound. I figured it was arcing but couldn’t figure out exactly where. So I went to the Honeywell site and found a customer service form. I filled it out and within 24 hours I got a response:

Thank you for contacting Honeywell.

The information provided indicates that the air cleaner is making a continuous arcing noise. Please verify the same. If yes, then it is normal to hear occasional arcing from your Electronic Air Cleaner. This occurs when larger particles are caught by the ionizer wires however continuous arcing is not normal, and should be investigated as outlined below:

Remove both cells, close the access door, and turn on the Electronic Air Cleaner and the system fan. If the arcing continues with the cells removed, contact your heating and cooling contractor for service on the unit.

If arcing does not continue, make sure the electronic cells are clean, dry and properly installed. Inspect the cells for bent collector plates, broken ionizer wires, dirt on the insulators, and damaged ionizer or collector contact tabs. Make sure the pre filters are in good condition and are in the cabinet slot farthest from the furnace. If the arcing persists and you are unable to locate any physical cause, please contact your heating and cooling contractor for service on the unit.

Please note that the metal cells may have some sharp edges; use care when handling the cells.

Honeywell Contractor Locator:

Honeywell Customer Care

Using this info, I checked the collector plates. Sure enough, one was bent. I straightened it. Problem solved. How cool is that?