Brain Coaches

by F.

I haven’t seen this (yet), but it seems like a decent business idea: personal brain training.

The Idea. You have a bunch of clients and send them daily workouts (puzzles, vocabulary, random tasks) then follow up with regular diagnostics.

The Pitch. The sales pitch is, “You’re getting older—do you really want your brain to turn to mush?” Once the trend gets rolling, the pitch is, “Your competitors are doing it—do you want to fall behind?” Right now, there are plenty of “brain training” tools and sites. But those are not customized, for you!

The Logistics. It wouldn’t be hard to do this—it could be completely by e-mail and maybe a web site. Very small costs. Feedback is easy. The charlatans would get exposed quickly, provided the diagnostics were standard (you could have people take Mensa tests, or SATs, or SAT subject tests, or whatever.) The target customer is the rich (say, upper decile of income in US and Europe.)

The Slogan. “Why train for a marathon when you could train something you really need—your brain?”

[composed and posted with ecto]