Why do it now?

When given any problem, then first question is

  1. Should I do this now?
  2. Or wait?

Why wait to do something?

  1. You’ll be getting more information
  2. Delay benefits you (e.g., you don’t want to answer too quickly, the recipient of your answer is not available until n months from now, etc.)
  3. You need time to manage your emotions
  4. The problem is an insight problem that you need to let your mind work on

Why do it now?

  1. You know what the answer will look like (e.g., an arithmetical problem)
  2. You are unlikely to get more information before the problem is due
  3. Your emotions are under control
  4. Delay harms you (e.g., your answer is a “wasting asset,” such as insider information in the stock market or an option)


  1. Is this an insight problem that you set to start your mind working on and forget about? (e.g., a proof)
  2. Or is this a problem with a definite answer that you either know or you don’t? (e.g., an arithmetical problem)